Window Films

Safety & Security Control Film

Safety and Security Film Applied To Your Windows Will Substantially Reduce Your Risk of Personal Injury, Property Damage and Theft

The idea behind "Window Film" is simple: You can not stop windows from breaking, but you can greatly reduce the chance of lethal shards of flying glass. Whatever the reason for glass failure - an accident, a storm or natural disaster, a burglary, or even a terrorist attack - SurfaceCare's advanced window films hold glass shards together, to provide increased security and dramatically decreasing the chance of personal injury or property damage.

a roll of safety film glass with safety film getting hit with hammer

Advanced Technology You Can't See, but Can Trust

SurfaceCare's films are optically clear. They do not alter the appearance of the glass in any way and are virtually transparent to the human eye. Our specially formulated adhesives bond the strong high-efficiency micro-thin film to the glass, making glass and film become one, thus creating an extraordinarily tough barrier. Customarily the film is applied on the interior surface only, though in certain circumstances both the interior and exterior surfaces are filmed.

glass with safety film getting hit with hammer

The Level of Protection You Need ...The Style of Film You Want

Our systems can satisfy the most basic to the most demanding safety and security requirements. Films are available in optically clear or an assortment of tints offering solar control properties and various reflective styles with thicknesses ranging from 2 to 15 mils. Our high security application films start at a thickness of 8 mil with multi-ply laminations and adhesives designed for optimal bonding. The combination of a multi-ply film and specialty adhesive, results in a laminated film with extraordinary break - resistance, impact absorption and the strength to retain shattered glass in its frame.

glass with safety film getting hit with bat