Restoration & Refinishing - Stone

Objective - restoration of the original finish, creation of a newly intended finish or character for all types of stone surfaces. Natural stone including marble, limestone, travertine, granite, onyx, slate, blue stone terrazzo and more...

marble stone before restoration marble stone before restoration

Stone Restoration Services For:

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Exposure to the elements over time.
  • Exposure to moisture or excessively humid conditions such as sea air in combination with higher temperatures.
  • Exposure to surface damaging corrosives.
  • Exposure to acid rain, sprinkler systems and air born contaminants over time.
marble surface

We all know that stone is a natural substance that will wear with time. SurfaceCare preserves the intended architectural appearance with the help of mechanical means and use of impregnator products, such as "Drytreat", to protect the finished surface appearance from permanent stains and reduce the frequency of more expensive maintenance and restoration services. When purchasing stone for your home or office, it is with the expectation that its natural beauty will last. SurfaceCare will help you make it last.

polished marble floor with design big shot of all marble floor

Natural Stone - Protective Impregnating Processes

To protect your natural stone, grout, walls, vanity tops, pavers and building facades, we are authorized and expert applicators of the Australian impregnator product "Dry-Treat".

"Dry-Treat" impregnator is not a sealer in the commonly understood sense. The distinction here is that an impregnator is absorbed deep into the stone and allows the stones natural pores to remain open and "breath".

A traditional sealer is designed to literally seal the surface, however, the benefits of preventing moisture from entering the newly sealed surface are usually outweighed by the fact that moisture from various sources can be trapped below the sealed surface and ultimately damage the material. Moisture is the natural enemy of stone and breathing means allowing the evaporation of moisture.

How does use of an impregnator product protect the stone, you may ask, if the pores are open?

The answer is that the "Dry-Treat" impregnator is formulated on a small molecular scale that allows it to be absorbed to a significantly greater depth than competing products and because of its small molecular size it literally gets absorbed into the walls of the pores themselves.

The end result is a surface that will repel water and still allow any retained moisture to evaporate. The protected surface will inhibit permanent stains to the surface and allow for ease of cleaning and a substantially longer performance life.