Our Technology

Protective sealing and repair processes for glass and hard silica surfaces

Specializing in glass and silica content materials such as porcelain, ceramic tile and polished granite, our next generation chemical processes features an advanced polymeric resin technology and field application process.

When exposed to glass and other hard silica surfaces, our advanced chemical formula creates an immediate chemical reaction that results in a strong cross linked bonding of the polymers to the original silica surface.

Once bonded, the advanced polymer resins form a highly protective multi molecular three-dimensional layer with a depth of 1+ microns (1/1000th of an inch = 1 micron), which then actually becomes the new surface of the glass or other hard silica surface.

The unique formula fills in the microscopic voids of the glass or other hard silica surfaces resulting in a long lasting water repellant (hydrophobic), chemically inert, anti-static, dust inhibiting and hygienically cleaner surface.

depiction of glass surface
Side view depiction of glass

magnified image of glass
Actual magnified surface of glass

depiction of chemical process in action
Chemical process initially creates a crystal carbonized molecular
structure on the surface

final step in creating glass
The voids are diminished with the multi-molecular layer of hard polymeric
resins creating a new surface to block corrosion, staining and damage from water born minerals, alkali and other chemical contaminants

Maintenance required is "Green Building Technology" - the mildest non-abrasive cleaning products will maintain the new finish for years