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Glass restoration, repair, and protection

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When repairing damage on glass surfaces, SurfaceCare employs a precise combination of hand, machine and advanced chemical processes to eliminate corrosion, bonded stains, surface degradation, scratches, or vandalism.

Expert glass repair

Scratches caused by accident or vandalism, in most cases, can be repaired by our unique process of machine honing and polishing by our team of expert mechanics. This service includes repair of glass damaged by scratchiti and acid tag vandalism.

SurfaceCare is an industry leader in advanced glass restoration and repair technology.

SurfaceCare specializes in Glass Repair and Restoration including the following conditions:

  • Vandalism or accidental damage.
  • Exposure degradation caused by a wide variety of natural elements over time.
  • Exposure to moisture or excessively humid conditions.
  • Exposure to sea air combined with high temperatures.
  • Exposure to high mineral content water (hard water).
  • Exposure to acid rain or air born contaminants over time.
  • Exposure to metal oxides and hydrocarbons.
  • Exposure to exhaust fumes, (ships, boats, aircraft and automobiles).
  • Overall degradation of the clarity of glass.

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Important Note: generally mechanical damage to glass from scratches or acid vandalism can be repaired to a "like new" appearance, however, cracked or very deeply scratched, etched or chipped glass is usually not repairable with an acceptable result and would likely need replacement. SurfaceCare can also provide glass replacement service.