Window Films

Graffiti Film - Effective Graffiti Protection

Effective protection against Graffiti /Scratchiti and Acid Etching Vandalism

Vandals cost building owners and insurance companies millions every year.

Now you can fight back with SurfaceCare's anti-graffiti protective window film. Acting as a tough, invisible sacrificial layer, the film comes between vandals and the glass, and in most cases, eliminates the need for glass replacement in the event of vandalism.

SurfaceCare's anti-graffiti protective film is a transparent protective barrier that can easily be peeled away when vandals strike. Incidents of vandalism are most likely to result in the minimal cost of replacing the graffiti film versus the potentially significant cost and disruption of glass replacement. The film also prevents against unintentional damage and natural wear-and-tear.

Applications for Graffiti film protection include:

  • Storefronts, windows and doors
  • Display cases, high traffic area partitions, restroom partitions & mirrors
  • Glass countertops and polycarbonates displays
  • Glass elevators, atriums and escalator railings
  • Malls, pedestrian & bus shelters

Replace The Film, Not The Glass

SurfaceCare's anti-graffiti film provides effective protection against many forms of vandalism, including acid etching, paint, permanent markers, keys, files, jewelry, stones, and steel wool.

graffiti on glass graffiti being peeled off the film

Benefits of SurfaceCare's Graffiti film include:

  • Safety glass performance - helps hold shattered glass in place for increased security and personal safety
  • Security glass performance - helps to deter forced entry and "smash and grab" crime
  • Solar control performance - filters out 99% of the sun's ultra violet rays thereby reducing fading of display merchandise, interior furnishings and artwork
  • Easy to maintain - cleans with soap and water and other ordinary commercial cleaners

Most likely you haven't noticed SurfaceCare's anti-graffiti film on the storefronts and doors of some of the biggest names in urban retailing, and that's the point; you can't see it, but its there! Our anti-graffiti film is doing its job on some of the most prominent national retail storefronts.