Common Applications

Shower Enclosure Glass

As a factory or shop application, premium fabricators of new shower door glass are starting to offer a specialty treatment on the glass intended to protect new glass from customary shower glass stains and cleaning difficulties. The technology offered in the marketplace varies in quality depending on the integrity of the application process and the type of polymer resins or chemistry being utilized. Whether the shower glass is brand new or needs to be restored, the permanent or hard to remove stains that are customarily expected over time concentrated near the bottom edges and corners of your shower will not happen with SurfaceCare protected glass.

Glass Shower Enclosure

Easy Maintenance

It is important to understand that SurfaceCare protected glass is not "self cleaning glass". Like a Teflon pan after cooking, cleaning is still required, however cleaning will be much easier. In the case of your shower door glass, it will stay cleaner longer between cleaning frequencies and when cleaned will always return to its "as new" appearance.

Scratch Resistant Hygienic Surface

In addition, your glass will become scratch resistant because the process reduces the coefficient of friction. Also important to note, glass treated with SurfaceCare's protective technology is hygienically cleaner because the microscopic pores on the glass surface are filled and diminished. The result is less surface area for microbial growth and the surface is simply cleaner and easier to keep clean.