Window Films

Architectural & Solar Control Films

SurfaceCare Protects You from the Sun, Saves Money and Increases Comfort

SurfaceCare's tinted, reflective or even clear window films are proven to keep out unwanted solar heat gain in summer, and help retain interior heat during winter. The result is a higher level of comfort and substantially lower energy costs.

Building With Solar Film

Benefits of SurfaceCare’s Architectural and Solar Control Films

  • Immediate reduction in energy costs
  • Blocking of 99% of sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Helps protect furnishings, draperies, artwork and architectural finishes from fading
  • Custom designed appearance, your way
  • Reduction of glare and "hot spots" in your home or office
  • Elements of safety and security can be significant, depending on the products selected
Window With Solar Film

The sun's solar energy is transmitted to us in the form of three distinct categories of radiant energy: visible light; infrared solar heat (invisible light) and finally ultraviolet radiation. Interestingly, the familiar visible light only accounts for 44% of the solar energy transmitted to earth with fully 53% being invisible infrared solar heat energy and the final 3% being ultraviolet radiation that is harmful to people over time with prolonged exposure.

Building With Solar Film

Solar control films are designed and engineered to accomplish various purposes all having to do with modulating and controlling the sun’s energy as described above. For example one of our lines of film is designed for museums and storefronts to let in the maximum amount of light while utilizing a clear colorless film with the properties of blocking out up to 99% of the ultraviolet light to protect the interior surfaces from fading and damage.

Other films come in an assortment of colors and reflective qualities and even patterns simulating frosted glass, that will allow you to express your most creative ideas for your own living and working environment.